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Who Are Home Energy Group Ltd & Teevo Energy?

We at Home Energy Group Ltd started our business journey back in 2014 as a wholesaler of LED light bulbs to the domestic market until 2016. Since then the H.E Group has moved into other business sectors such as Renewables & Construction. Teevo Energy is our Renewable arm where we supply and install battery storage to accommodate both Solar PV systems and cheap energy tariffs from the your energy provider.

Teevo Energy is one of UK’s most knowledgeable Installers of the Lux Power Product solutions, working with an extensive portfolio of domestic clients and corporate organisations.

On our website you will find everything you need to know regarding our all our Battery Storage solutions, From Pricing to FAQs to after sales technical support. If you can’t find what you’re looking for just contact our team.

Our friendly expert team is at the cutting-edge of renewable technology in the UK offering everything from Design, Installation, and technical support for major battery storage projects.

What are the benefits of investing in solar battery storage?

Save more money on your energy bills

By using stored solar energy generated by your solar panels in the evening, or when the sun isn’t shining, you won’t need to draw so much energy from your supplier, saving you even more money on your bills.

Less dependence on the national grid

Solar battery storage means you can still power your home or business from your solar panels during a power cut and reduce your reliance on the grid.

You’ll be less affected by price hikes

Using your self-generated solar panel energy, you’ll be drawing less on energy from your supplier and will, therefore, be less affected by energy price rises.


Lux AC – Uhome System Prices

Why We Choose Lux Power Tek & Hanchu ESS

Lux Power Tek is at the forefront of revolutionizing the renewable energy landscape with their cutting-edge battery energy storage systems. One of their flagship partnerships is with Hanchu ESS and the Hanchu Lithium Battery range, stands as a testament to their commitment to harnessing the potential of solar power, Cheap energy tariffs and enabling a sustainable energy transition. With the rising demand for clean energy solutions to combat carbon emissions and reduce our carbon footprint, Lux Power Battery Storage has emerged as a pivotal player in the realm of renewable energy sources.

In a world increasingly concerned about energy costs and the unpredictability of traditional energy bills, Lux Power Tek & Hnachu Blade Lithium battery energy storage systems offer a transformative solution. By efficiently capturing and storing excess solar energy during times of peak generation, these systems provide backup power and uninterrupted supply, even when the sun sets. This not only ensures a reliable energy source but also diminishes dependence on fossil fuels and minimizes electricity bills.

Electric vehicles, a driving force in the push for a greener future, have further emphasized the need for advanced battery energy storage systems. Lux Power Battery Storage recognizes the pivotal role that such systems play in enhancing the overall energy infrastructure. By integrating these systems with renewable energy generation, not only can electric vehicles be powered sustainably, but the entire grid can be stabilized during times of high electricity demand.

Lux Power Tek’s commitment to innovation extends to addressing a wide range of challenges, including power outages that disrupt daily life and rack up electricity bills. By utilizing battery energy storages, these systems step in seamlessly during blackouts, providing uninterrupted power supply and further highlighting the reliability of renewable energy sources.

As the global community marches towards a future powered by clean energy, Lux Power Battery Storage remains a driving force in realizing this vision. With their sophisticated battery energy storage systems, they are shaping the trajectory of energy consumption, production, and distribution, ultimately leading us to a more sustainable and resilient energy landscape.

Why Choose Teevo Energy?

Customer Support

Our industry experts are on call to answer any questions you might have.

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Honest and open pricing with no hidden extras.

Industry Experts

Our team has more than 30 years combined experience.

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Google 5 star reviews.

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Our installers are all fully qualified and accredited.

No Waiting

Maximum 3-4 day lead time on most services.

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Most services available across England & Wales.

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We at Teevo Energy are always happy to speak to you regarding any of your requirements. Our technical team have in-depth knowledge regarding all our Lux battery storage systems and are ready to answer any of your questions.

NO SALES REPS! Teevo Energy work in house and do not use Sales Representatives. All the prices you see on our website are what you pay for full Installation and include VAT.

Our track record is unrivalled. Not only does our Battery Storage systems make homes and workplaces more energy efficient, we also help reduce our customers’ carbon footprint and save them money. We are also proudly doing our bit to tackle climate change and save the planet.

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