Lux Power Tek’s Leap in Confidence: Extending Warranty from 10 to 12 Years

In an era where technological innovation is racing ahead, it’s always refreshing to see a company that not only stays ahead of the curve but also commits to the longevity and reliability of its products. Lux Power Tek, a recognized name in the energy solution sector, has recently announced a significant upgrade in its warranty scheme — a two-year extension from the previous 10 years, taking it to an impressive 12-year period. This move not only amplifies the trust in their product range but also emphasizes the company’s dedication to delivering superior quality and long-term value for their customers.

A Closer Look at Lux Power Tek’s Offerings

Before we delve deeper into the warranty news, let’s understand the product lineup of Lux Power Tek:

Lux Power Hybrid Range: This range stands out for its efficiency and adaptability. The Hybrid system is designed to cater to different energy needs, from households to businesses, ensuring that energy storage generated by Solar PV and Cheap Night time energy rates are optimized. The Lux Power Tek Hybrid range consists of The Famous Lux Power LXP3600 which is used for G98 domestic installations. The Lux Power LXP 5000 & 6000 which are both a G99 hybrid Inverter along with Parallel technology allows these units to be big and powerful. The New Lux Power 7000 & 12000 are a game changer in unimaginably ways, not only is this a Hybrid Inverter but it can also allow other energy generating products such as a 2nd Solar Pv system, Wind Turbine, and a generator to be directly connected allowing you store even more power into your batteries.


Lux Power AC Controllers: Central to the Lux Power ecosystem, these AC controllers play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless operation of connected devices and systems. They are designed for modern energy demands, ensuring energy conservation and effective distribution. They simple work by storing excess solar PV generation and to take full advantage by storing cheap energy from the grid. These systems simple retro fit into any property with or without Solar PV.

Lux Power Squirrel Pod: A notable innovation, the Squirrel Pod offers a unique solution for energy storage. Its design makes it suitable for various applications, ensuring that users have a flexible and robust storage solution. The Squirrel Pod is simply a more advanced version of the standard AC units. The difference is that they have additional hardware in them to allow (now or in the future) a second, third or up to 8 of the Squirrel pod controllers to be linked together. Each Squirrel Pod needs its own batteries, and is also connected either individually, or via a combined connection, to the customers’ fuse board.

They work in Parallel. This means that only the Primary controller has the CT clamps fitted, and the other units are all set to Subordinate working mode. This means the Primary unit is controlling everything, telling the other units to charge or discharge their batteries.


Lux Power Work hand in hand with Hanchu Ess:

All these products come with the assurance of compatibility with Hanchu Ess Lithium batteries. Known for their durability and efficiency, Hanchu batteries perfectly complement Lux Power Tek’s product suite, ensuring a comprehensive energy solution for users.

What the Extended Warranty Means for Customers

Warranties often serve as a measure of a company’s confidence in its products. An extended warranty period is a direct reflection of the faith a manufacturer places in the longevity and reliability of its offerings.

By extending their warranty from 10 to 12 years, Lux Power Tek has sent a clear message to the market: they believe in the enduring quality of their products. This should reassure existing customers and attract potential ones, as this extension reduces the long-term risks associated with the purchase and use of Lux Power Tek products.

Additionally, this move might also set a new benchmark for competitors. In an industry where durability and trustworthiness can significantly impact purchasing decisions, Lux Power Tek’s announcement can serve as a catalyst for industry-wide shifts towards extended warranty periods.

In Conclusion

Lux Power Tek’s decision to augment its warranty period is a commendable move, one that resonates with its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. It’s a sign of a brand that not only believes in innovation but also stands firmly behind the products it creates. For consumers, this is a reassuring reminder that investing in Lux Power Tek’s solutions means investing in lasting value and peace of mind.