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The Hanchu 3.2kW Lithium Battery Is The Uk’s First Battery To Benefit From High Power Density Lithium Cells. The Highest Charge & Discahrge Rates From A Single Battery With 100% Dod!

  • 3.2k Wh Capacity
  • 100% DOD (Depth of Discharge)
  • Integrated Wi-Fi Future Proof With Firmware Updates
  • Low Temperature operating performance
  • Next Generation HPD High Power Density Lithium
  • 12 Years Warranty
  • Modular 1 to 8 batteries in parallel connection

Greenlinx 3200 HPD
Lithium Battery Information

All Our Hanchu 3.2kW Batteries Have Additional Features Which Make Them Unique And Far Superior Compared To All Other Domestic Battery Brands On The UK Market. This A 3.2Kw Lithium Battery That Allows You To Use 100% Of All Its Backable Power

Hanchu 3.2kW Lithium Batteries use High-Power Density lithium Cells (HPD Lithium) to achieve market leading charge and discharge levels. The Greenlinx batteries have very limited performance reduction compared to all other domestic home solar Lithium batteries; they remain at full capacity down to zero degrees. In addition, each battery has superior charge rate of 40Amps and discharge rates of 60Amps which means faster charge and discharge capability. Each unit has an individual modem inbuilt which allows you access to in depth data regarding the performance of each individual battery. The monitoring of each battery via App and Web portal allows for future technical support, and future upgrades should it be needed.

Due to Hanchu Ess using HPD lithium to achieve market leading charge and discharge levels it also allows the battery to be Smaller than other batteries. This compact and sleek looking battery comes with all Long and short cables provided with every unit, just plug and play set up for the most efficient battery we have ever installed.

Lithium Battery
Key Features

Integrated Modem/Online Monitoring

Each Hanchu 3200 HPD Lithium battery has an individual modem inbuilt, which means simple connection of each battery to the internet allows specific monitoring, technical support and future upgrades should it be needed.

100% Dod

Unlike other battery brands available on the UK market that only allow you to use 90% of the battery’s capacity, the Hanchu 3200 HPD Lithium battery is 100% DOD (Depth of Discharge)

Uk’s Highest Charge & Discharge Rates

The Hanchu 3200 HPD Lithium battery has an impressive 40A Charge rate which paired with any of our Lux controllers will allow you an incredible 2Kw with just a single battery! Even more impressive the Hanchu 3200 HPD Lithium battery has a massive 60A Discharge rate per battery which means with just a single battery you can achieve up to 3Kw of discharge power.

Wide Temperature Tolerance

Unlike most Lithium batteries available on the market our Hanchu 3200 HPD Lithium battery will remain at full capacity down to zero degrees. All other battery brands are affected by temperature and will drop the charge rate by half when they detect around 8 to 10 degrees.


All our Hanchu 3200 HPD Lithium battery storage systems can be supplied and fitted with 1 to 8 batteries. Most of our customers start with either a 2 or 3 battery system and later add extra batteries if required.

Soc And Status Display

Unlike most batteries the Hanchu 3200 HPD Lithium battery has a very nice SOC (state of charge) display that easily indicates how much power you are currently storing at any given time in your battery.

12 Years Warranty

All our Hanchu 3200 HPD Lithium battery come with a standard 12 year manufacturer warranty straight out of the box, No need to register your battery online in to receive extra warranty.

Greenlinx Battery Monitoring

Each Hanchu 3200 HPD Lithium battery have an inbuilt modem, so each battery can be connected to monitoring App, This gives remote support and upgrades for the life of each battery.

Key Benefits Of Individual Battery Connectivity Include:

  • HPD Technology (High Power Density)
  • 100% Useable Capacity 3.2KW
  • 40A Charge 60A discharge per unit
  • Integrated Modem/Online Monitoring
  • Low Temperature Protection
  • SOC and Status Display
  • 10 years manufacturer warranty
  • UK Technical Support Centre

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