Home EV Charger Installation

Electric Car Charging At Home

We partner with industry-leading manufacturers to bring you the best products for electric car charging at home. Only installing the best home EV chargers around the whole of the Yorkshire area

Find The Right Charge Point For You

When looking for the best home EV charger, you will find two different types of units; tethered and socketed.

A tethered unit comes supplied with a cable attached to the charger.

A socketed unit provides a universal socket within the unit, but it will require an additional cable which is compatible with your vehicle.

Purchasing a charging cable, even if you do decide to go with a tethered unit is really useful as you can then use it at other charge-points when out on the road.


Today, we are all becoming increasingly aware of the negative impacts that our actions are having on the environment and this is especially clear through the rising popularity of electric cars. Here at Home Energy Group Ltd, we are not at all surprised by the sudden popularity as electric cars help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution on our roads. Using EV charging is also a much more convenient method of keeping a vehicle on the road. Once home, it takes seconds to plug your vehicle in and then you simply leave it to charge over night or whilst the vehicle is out of use. When ready to use your vehicle it simply takes seconds to unplug. EV charging really couldn’t be easier!

Compatible with all plug-in Electric Vehicles Manufacturers