A: Yes, All our Lux systems can take up to 8 batteries per controller, providing you have not reached your limit of 8 batteries per controller then you can keep adding.

For pricing on additional batteries please click on the relevant link below:

GreenLinx – www.homeenergygroup.co.uk/Greenlinx

Uhome – www.homeenergygroup.co.uk/uhome

Pylon Tech US2000C – www.homeenergygroup.co.uk/Pylon-US2000C

Pylon Tech US3000C – www.homeenergygroup.co.uk/Pylon-US3000C

Pylon Tech US5000C – www.homeenergygroup.co.uk/Pylon-US5000C

Please refer to our Technical Support page on how to add additional batteries to your system. If you are not comfortable adding batteries yourself, we can always arrange for an engineer to fit these at a cost.