A: Depending on what battery brand you choose to work with our Lux power controllers will determine how much battery storage you can have.

  • Uhome Batteries climb in 2.4Kw increments – 2.4Kw/4.8Kw/7.2Kw/9.6Kw/12Kw/14.4Kw.16.8Kw/19.2Kw
  • GreenLinx Batteries climb in 3.2Kw increments – 3.2Kw/6.4Kw/9.6Kw/12.8Kw/16Kw/19.2Kw/22.4Kw/25.6Kw
  • Pylon Tech US2000c Batteries climb in 2.4Kw increments – 2.4Kw/4.8Kw/7.2Kw/9.6Kw/12Kw/14.4Kw/16.8Kw/19.2Kw
  • Pylon Tech US3000c Batteries climb in 3.5Kw increments – 3.5Kw/7.0Kw/10.5Kw/14Kw/17.5Kw/21Kw/24.5Kw/28Kw
  • Pylon Tech US5000c Batteries climb in 4.8Kw increments – 4.8Kw/9.6Kw/14.4Kw/19.2Kw/24Kw/28.8Kw/33.6Kw/38.4Kw