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Do you have questions about LUX AC Solar Battery Storage or just interested in what other people have asked regarding Home Solar lithium battery storage systems?

Below are some of the Solar Battery Storage and Solar Battery Back Up Products frequently asked questions that we at Home Energy Group get asked

I already have a Solar PV system and I don’t want to charge my old inverter, What battery system can I have Installed?

A: You can install either the Lux AC or the Lux Squirrel Pod System.

Can I Upgrade My Old Inverter To A New Hybrid Battery Storage Inverter?

A: In most cases yes you can. We do need to some information from you first to see if your currant solar system qualifies for this upgrade.

  • We need to know how many panels are on your roof
  • We need to know what the output of your panels are: i.e., 200w, 250w, 300w, 350w etc.
  • Are the panels on one roof or two?
  • We need an image of your currant inverter showing all cable attached
  • Where is the Inverter Located?

Once we have the above information we can then determine if your current system qualifies for the Lux Hybrid.

If I want to go ahead with an Installation, What is the next stage?

A: If you have seen a product that you would like to go head with you can notify use in Three ways:

  1. Click on the page of the product you are interested in and fill in the enquiry form at the bottom of the page.
  2. You can email us your order/Enquiry to sales@homeenergygroup.co.uk
  3. You can call us on 01535 210050

Once you have made the initial contact with us, we will follow this up with an email asking for some relevant images to the Installation for our Engineers. Usually this is enough for our engineers but if they need more information, they will contact you to arrange a video call at a time that suits you.

The images that we require are as followed:

  • Picture of the outside of your house/Property – This is to make it easier for our engineers to find you
  • A picture showing Access into the property
  • A picture showing you property meter
  • A picture of your fuse-board showing all breakers
  • A Picture of the installation area – This is where you would like the system installing
  • Picture showing the Access to the installation area
  • If the system is to be installed in the loft please send a picture of the front, side and back of the property – This will help the engineers with knowing cable runs
Can I increase my battery capacity after the initial installation?

A: Yes, All our Lux systems can take up to 8 batteries per controller, providing you have not reached your limit of 8 batteries per controller then you can keep adding.

For pricing on additional batteries please click on the relevant link below:

GreenLinx – www.homeenergygroup.co.uk/Greenlinx

Uhome – www.homeenergygroup.co.uk/uhome

Pylon Tech US2000C – www.homeenergygroup.co.uk/Pylon-US2000C

Pylon Tech US3000C – www.homeenergygroup.co.uk/Pylon-US3000C

Pylon Tech US5000C – www.homeenergygroup.co.uk/Pylon-US5000C

Please refer to our Technical Support page on how to add additional batteries to your system. If you are not comfortable adding batteries yourself, we can always arrange for an engineer to fit these at a cost.

What size system do I need for my property?

A: This is the number one question we are always asked, and the answer is different for everyone!

To answer this, we need to break this down into 3 answers:

  1. Using your battery system for storing Solar only
  2. Using your battery system to store Solar & Charge from the grid on cheap tariffs
  3. You don’t have solar; You are only looking to charge from the grid from cheap energy tariffs

Storing Solar Only:

The key to understanding what size battery system you need for storing excess solar depends really on what you are exporting back to the Grid on a daily/Monthly/Annual basis, Also understanding what your daily energy usage in your property also helps.

Due to the fact that our Lux systems are modular you don’t have to jump straight in with a big system! As a rule of thumb, we work on the following:

  • PV systems that are 1kw to 2Kw – Start with a 1 battery system
  • PV systems that are 2kw to 3Kw – Start with a 2-battery system
  • PV systems that are 3kw to 4Kw – Start with a 2 to 3 battery system

You can always add more batteries later should you need too.


Storing Solar & Charging from the Grid:

Having the option to charge from the grid as well as storing excess solar PV really allows you to now expand your battery system.

To work out what would be a suitable system is understanding what your general daily energy usage is for your property. Understanding you can charge up to 14Kw of bankable battery capacity from the grid alone really gives you the option to expand, as a rule of thumb we recommend the following sizes systems based on Solar and Grid power combined:

  • PV systems that are 1kw to 2Kw – Start with a 2 battery system
  • PV systems that are 2kw to 3Kw – Start with a 3-battery system
  • PV systems that are 3kw to 4Kw – Start with a 3 to 4 battery system

You can always add more batteries later should you need too.

Does Lux Power Battery Storage Systems work with Other Energy providers?

A: Yes, If your energy provider offers you any form of cheap energy tariffs at certain times of the day or night then you can simply set the Lux to charge from these times at a push of a button.

How Does the Lux Power battery system work with Octopus Out Going?

A: Octopus Outgoing offers people with Solar and batteries the option to sell back there stored Solar Pv generation between the hours of 4pm to 7pm. Between 4pm and 7pm every half-hour the price changes, You can set the lux to only discharge back to the grid should the pay back price exceed your stated sell back price.

Example: you request that the Lux can only discharge back to the grid should the payback price exceed 15p, The Lux algorithm will then select any of the highest paid half-hourly periods that exceed your 15p set price and discharge back to the grid.

You always have full access to the pricing structure, and you can charge your payback price at any time.

How Does the Lux Power battery system work with Octopus Agile?

A: Octopus Energy send tomorrows Agile prices today to Lux; Lux will then update their algorithm to allow your system to charge from the cheapest half-hourly rates as set by Octopus Energy.

Depending on how many batteries you have will depend on how many half-hourly rates you will need to charge your batteries up to full. The Lux controller will very cleverly choose the cheapest half-hourly rates and only charge from these.

Agile will offer you and two cheap periods a day, first being from midnight to 8am and the second from 12pm to 4pm.

Please always consult Octopus Energy regarding your account and different tariffs they offer.

How Does the Lux Power battery system work with Octopus Go?

A: Octopus Energy’s Go tariff is a set time feature between the hours of 00:30am to 04:30am, On day of commissioning your system our Engineers will pre set this time feature for your batteries to charge every day from the grid between the hours of the Go tariff. Once set you don’t have to anything, just allow the system to take controller of your energy demands.

Does Lux Power Battery Storage Systems work with Octopus Energy?

A: Yes, Lux Power and Octopus Energy have a very good relationship and between them both have developed a fully automated system/platform via the Lux portal and App which allows you full access to change settings to suit your energy needs.

What is the maximum battery capacity I charge from cheap energy rates?

A: Depending on which system you have i.e. The Lux AC or the Lux Squirrel Pod and how many batteries you have will determine how much power you can charge and store.

If you have the Lux AC system the maximum you can charge at is 3.5Kw per hour, therefore if you have 4 hours of cheap energy i.e., Octopus Go then the maximum you can charge, and store is 14Kw of bankable power.

If you have the dual Squirrel Pod system the maximum you can charge at is 7.0Kw per hour, therefore if you have 4 hours of cheap energy i.e., Octopus Go then the maximum you can charge, and store is 28Kw of bankable power.

Can The Lux Power Battery System work alongside my car charger?

A: Yes, it can. In most cases you will be charging your car from cheap energy tariffs like Octopus Go, at the same time you will be charging your Lux batteries so the two will not conflict we each other as they are both in a charge state, i.e., the lux batteries won’t discharging to the car battery.

You can use your Lux battery power to help charge your car but to us personally this seems silly as you can charge your car from cheap energy tariffs at night.

Should you wish to charge your car from your solar but still hold your Lux battery capacity you can. We have a built-in feature that allows you to block discharge through different periods of the day (of your choice) to allow your Lux battery power to be free to help power your home.

Will Battery storage work with a Solar Hot Water Diverter i.e. Solar iBoost?

A: Yes, but you will find there is some confliction between the two technologies! They both work on the same principle using a CT clamp to measure the export from your Solar PV generation.

Most of our customers have removed the CT clamp of the water diverter and use the override boost function on the panel display of the water diverter first thing in the morning to allow the water to heat up to temperature. Once the water has hit its target temperature the solar water diverter will switch off, this will allow the batteries to take over and charge accordingly with any interference.

The other options our customer have chosen is to change the water diverter for a diverter that works with battery storage. There is one unit on the UK market that will work with batteries and is UK manufactured, The company is called intelligent Immersion

Here is a link to there website: Intelligent Immersion (intelligent-immersion.co.uk)

How Long Will My Battery(s) last?

A: This is always a good question, but the real answer is, is that is hard to tell! Everyone uses power very differently from each other, some people are high users of energy and others are low users of energy, Also it depends on how many batteries you have installed.

Let’s work on the assumption you have a Lux Ac system with Greenlinx batteries, and you are a high user of energy and that you are using the battery system at its maximum discharge rate of 3.5Kw then the following number of batteries will last for the following amount of time:

  • 1 x 3.2Kw GreenLinx Battery = 1-hour 6mins
  • 2 x 3.2Kw GreenLinx Battery = 1-hour 50mins
  • 3 x 3.2Kw GreenLinx Battery = 2-hour 40mins
  • 4 x 3.2Kw GreenLinx Battery = 3-hour 30mins
  • 5 x 3.2Kw GreenLinx Battery = 4-hour 30mins
  • 6 x 3.2Kw GreenLinx Battery = 5-hour 20mins
  • 7 x 3.2Kw GreenLinx Battery = 6-hour 20mins
  • 8 x 3.2Kw GreenLinx Battery = 7-hour 15mins

The above is based on a worse case scenario and using all the battery power in one hit. Most houses do not work like this, and you will find that stored energy in your batteries will last for a long time reducing your call for power from the grid.

Can I Increase my Charge & Discharge Rate?

A: Yes, you can, Providing your currant installed Lux controller is a Squirrel Pod controller you can then add additional controllers and batteries to increase your charge & Discharge rates. Every time you add a Lux Squirrel Pod controller and additional batteries you will increase the charge & Discharge rates by 3.5Kw

Example: 1 x Squirrel Pod controller = up to 3.5Kw, 2 x Squirrel Pod Controllers = up to 7.0Kw, 3 x Squirrel Pod Controllers up to 10.5Kw and so on up to 10 x Squirrel Pod controllers.

If I move house, can I take my battery System with me?

A: Yes, you can. The fantastic thing about our Lux battery storage systems is that should you move home you can take your system with you. We can arrange the decommissioning of your system and reinstate your system in your new home. Cost for decommissioning and relocating your system would need to be quoted on the day of notifying us of your intentions.

Does Battery Storage effect my FIT Payments?

A: No, adding a battery storage system does not affect your FIT payments. Our Lux Battery storage systems are installed after the FIT generation meter and are in no way linked into the same wiring circuitry of the Solar PV system.

Do Home Energy Group Install Nationwide?

A: Yes, we do, Home Energy group Ltd have engineers all over the UK and therefore can provide Installation throughout the whole of the UK.

Does Battery Storage qualify for the 5% VAT rate?

A: No, Unfortunately stand-alone battery storage systems do not qualify for the governments reduced 5% VAT rate.

Do the prices shown Online include VAT & Installation?

A: Yes, All our prices shown online are inclusive of VAT & Installation

What is the Maximum Charge & Discharge rates of the Lux Power?

A: Home Energy Group Ltd offer two different versions of the Lux retro fit systems, The Lux AC & The Lux Squirrel Pod.

The Lux AC system will provide you with a maximum of 3.5Kw of charge and discharge with the relevant number of batteries attached.

  • Lux AC with GreenLinx Batteries – You would need just 2 of our GreenLinx batteries to achieve the maximum of 3.5Kwh
  • Lux AC with Uhome Batteries – You would need just 2 of our Uhome batteries to achieve the maximum of 3.5Kwh
  • Lux AC with Pylon Tech Batteries – You would need 3 of Pylon Tech batteries to achieve the maximum of 3.5Kwh

The Lux Squirrel Pod system will provide up to 7Kw of charge and discharge – (This can go higher) with the relevant number of batteries attached.

  • Lux Squirrel Pod with GreenLinx Batteries – You would need just 4 of our GreenLinx batteries to achieve the maximum of 7.0Kwh – 2 batteries per controller
  • Lux Squirrel Pod with Uhome Batteries – You would need just 4 of our Uhome batteries to achieve the maximum of 7.0Kwh – 2 batteries per controller
  • Lux Squirrel Pod with Pylon Tech Batteries – You would need 6 of Pylon Tech batteries to achieve the maximum of 7.0Kwh – 3 batteries per controllers
Do I need solar to have battery storage?

A: No, you do not need Solar to enjoy battery storage. Although battery storage was designed to work alongside Solar initially, you can now use battery storage to store cheap energy tariffs and use this cheap stored energy when the tariffs are much higher.

For Example: you store cheap energy rates of 7.5p per Kw through the night, You then use this 7.5p energy through the day when you should be paying peak tariff rates of around 35p to 55p per Kwh, therefore you are saving from 27.5p to 47.5p per Kwh.

How does the Battery Storage System Work?

A: Battery storage’ lets you store the surplus solar electricity, instead of exporting it to the grid. Battery storage lets you use more of your solar PV system’s output (‘increases ‘self-consumption’). This reduces the amount of grid electricity you need to buy, saving you money on your electricity bill. Battery storage also allows you to store cheap energy tariff rates from the grid to use when the tariffs are much higher. Our Lux systems are ready to use with all Octopus Energy tariffs and any other energy provider that provides cheap night time energy tariffs.

Can add any battery to my Installed system?

A: No, You can only add the same batteries you have installed up to a maximum of 8 batteries per controller.

How Much Storage Can I have?

A: Depending on what battery brand you choose to work with our Lux power controllers will determine how much battery storage you can have.

  • Uhome Batteries climb in 2.4Kw increments – 2.4Kw/4.8Kw/7.2Kw/9.6Kw/12Kw/14.4Kw.16.8Kw/19.2Kw
  • GreenLinx Batteries climb in 3.2Kw increments – 3.2Kw/6.4Kw/9.6Kw/12.8Kw/16Kw/19.2Kw/22.4Kw/25.6Kw
  • Pylon Tech US2000c Batteries climb in 2.4Kw increments – 2.4Kw/4.8Kw/7.2Kw/9.6Kw/12Kw/14.4Kw/16.8Kw/19.2Kw
  • Pylon Tech US3000c Batteries climb in 3.5Kw increments – 3.5Kw/7.0Kw/10.5Kw/14Kw/17.5Kw/21Kw/24.5Kw/28Kw
  • Pylon Tech US5000c Batteries climb in 4.8Kw increments – 4.8Kw/9.6Kw/14.4Kw/19.2Kw/24Kw/28.8Kw/33.6Kw/38.4Kw
What is the warranty?

A: All Manufacturers provide a 10-year warranty on all battery brands and 10 years warranty on all Lux Controllers with option to extend to 20 years warranty. This must be purchased within the first 3 months of Installation.

How long will the Battery Storage System last?

A: Our Lux battery storage systems are guaranteed to last a minimum of 6000 cycles, So based on one full cycle per day this would be 16.44 years however it would be very rare that a typical home would do a full cycle on a day-to-day basis, because of short days in the winter and very long days of daylight in the summer a typical cycle pattern per year would be around 260 full cycles per annum.

Is there any other equipment needed from our Online listed systems?

A: No: all equipment is supplied with our battery storage system and will be installed within the day; system monitoring is included as standard and will be paired to your broadband router on the day of installation.

Q: Where does the Battery Storage System get installed in the home?

A: The Lux battery storage controller is designed to be wall mounted and the batteries can be wall mounted or ground mounted. The ideal place is as close as possible to the house consumer unit and incoming property meter. If its not possible to install close to the fuse board or meter then this is not an issue, We can Install the system anywhere in your property providing we can run cables back to the consumer unit and incoming meter.

Can the Battery Storage Systems be Used as a Back-up in the event of a Power Cut?

A: YES & NO! our Lux Power systems provides a maximum of 13Amps from the built-in EPS feature. This means you cannot power your whole fuse board/consumer unit. Depending on your currant wiring and the age of your house wiring you may have a double socket installed and have the house lights installed on the EPS feature.

We can provide a double plug socket at a cost of £30.00 + Vat

If you require the house lights and a Double socket this would cost £200 + Vat – * Please note not all houses qualify for the light ring main to added

Can I use the battery to charge other devices?

A: You won’t be able to attach/plug in other devices directly to the battery storage system to charge, however the battery storage system will deliver its stored energy through your home’s electrical points as and when power is being called or required.


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