Hanchu 9.4kWh Blade Lithium Battery: A Game-Changer in Home Energy Storage

In recent years, the push for sustainable and efficient home energy solutions has been more robust than ever. As homeowners around the world look for effective ways to store energy, the race for cutting-edge battery technology is in full swing. Leading this race is the Hanchu 9.4kWh Blade lithium battery, a product that’s quickly gaining recognition for its exceptional features and unparalleled safety standards.

Why Home Energy Group Chose Hanchu Lithium Home Batteries

Home Energy Group, a key player in the energy industry, has taken a significant step forward by partnering with Infinity Innovations Ltd & Hanchu Lithium for home batteries. The decision is backed by multiple reasons:

  1. Safety: Safety is paramount when dealing with energy storage at such a large scale. Hanchu’s Blade lithium cells are known for their top-tier safety features. These cells are designed to be incredibly safe, ensuring that homeowners can trust their energy storage systems.
  2. Fire Protection: One of the standout features of the Hanchu 9.4kWh Blade lithium battery is its internal integrated fire capsule. This unique safety addition guarantees that, in the unlikely event of a building fire, the battery is safeguarded from any chemical reactions. This feature is not just about protecting the battery, but also about providing homeowners with peace of mind.
  3. Extended Warranty: Confidence in a product’s longevity is a testament to its quality. Hanchu Lithium batteries come with a remarkable 12-year warranty, further solidifying their place as a reliable home energy solution.
  4. Smart Monitoring: In an era dominated by smart technology, Hanchu doesn’t lag. Every Hanchu battery boasts individual online and app monitoring. This feature is not just about tracking energy consumption but also facilitates future firmware upgrades and ensures continuous manufacturing support.

Innovative Features of the Hanchu 9.4kWh Blade Lithium Battery

  • Compact and Lightweight: The Hanchu 9.4kWh Blade lithium battery stands out for its size and weight. It’s 40% lighter and 40% smaller than many of its counterparts. This compactness makes installation versatile and less cumbersome, especially for homeowners with space constraints.
  • Integrated DC Battery Breaker: This feature adds an additional layer of safety and convenience, ensuring that the system functions optimally at all times.
  • High Depth of Discharge: With a 95% depth of discharge, homeowners can use almost the full capacity of the battery. This means more energy availability and less wastage.
  • User-Friendly LCD Display: The integrated LCD display provides users with a clear and straightforward way to monitor their energy usage and battery performance.
  • Flexible Installation: Whether you prefer a wall-mounted setup or a floor-standing one, the Hanchu 9.4kWh Blade lithium battery caters to both, offering flexibility in installation choices.


With its advanced features, safety measures, and the backing of Home Energy Group, the Hanchu 9.4kWh Blade lithium battery is undoubtedly a top contender in the home energy storage market. Its focus on user experience, safety, and innovation makes it a choice worth considering for homeowners and businesses alike. As the world moves towards more sustainable energy solutions, it’s products like these that will lead the way.