Hanchu 9.4kWh Blade Lithium

95% Depth Of Discharge


Blade Lithium Technology 

Usable Capacity

95% DOD

24/7 Monitoring

Full Online & App Monitoring

Hanchu Ess 9.4kW Lithium Battery: Raising the Bar in Battery Storage Solutions

Hanchu Ess stands at the forefront of renewable technologies, specializing in battery storage solutions for both domestic and commercial purposes. Their products are recognized and distributed worldwide, reflecting a significant presence in the market. Though they’ve recently made their mark in the UK and Europe, their vast experience in the battery storage sector speaks volumes.

Their innovative approach, primarily focused on advancing technical performance, temperature management, monitoring, and support, has truly set new industry standards. Notably, they offer unique online connectivity for individual units. This feature facilitates remote health checks for each battery, ensuring immediate and straightforward support – just a click away for installers and users.

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Blade Lithium Cells

Blade Lithium Cells – The safest Lithium Cells Within a Domestic Battery

12 Years Warranty

Technology so powerful, it comes with 12 Years Warranty as standard

Online Monitoring

Full Online & App monitoring for each individual battery

Hanchu 9.4kWH,

Key Features:

  • Blade Lithium Cells: Touted as the safest lithium available worldwide.
  • 12-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty: Demonstrating trust in product longevity.
  • 95% DOD (Depth of Discharge): Maximizing usable battery capacity.
  • Internal Fire Causal: Enhancing safety measures.
  • Integrated WIFI Dongle & App Monitoring: Real-time online and app-based monitoring for ease of access.
  • Built-in DC Battery Breaker: An added safety feature.
  • Weight Advantages: 40% lighter than comparable lithium batteries.
  • Temperature Protections: Ensures optimal performance in high and low temperatures.
  • 100A High Charge & Discharge: Efficient energy utilization.
  • Interactive LCD Screen: Present on each battery for intuitive user interaction.
  • Modularity: Connect 1 to 8 batteries per controller as per requirements.
  • Installation Flexibility: Choose between floor or wall mounting; all necessary brackets are included free of charge.

With Hanchu Ess, you’re not just purchasing a battery; you’re investing in top-tier technology backed by unparalleled support.

Cutting-Edge Blade Technology

We’re confident that our battery is one of the safest ever introduced to the market.

The Hanchu 9.4 battery proudly stands as the inaugural home storage battery to incorporate the revolutionary Blade technology. Notably, this is the sole technology that meets every international safety benchmark, many of which are determined by the automotive sector.

The scrutiny the Hanchu 9.4 underwent greatly exceeds the required standards. The Nail penetration test (videographed for reference to the left) is a testament to its robust safety features, utilizing a considerably larger nail yet showcasing stellar safety outcomes. Comprehensive assessments encompassing impact, flexing, temperature resistance, and compression affirm its superlative safety credentials.

Additionally, each unit is equipped with a specialized internal capsule. In circumstances of extreme heat detection, like during a house fire, this capsule is designed to burst, subsequently shielding the battery’s internal cells with a protective layer. This ensures the battery remains passive and prevents any adverse chemical reactions during the fire event. Though post-fire replacement is necessary, hazardous chemical interactions are averted.

Key Features:

  • Integrated rapid-response aerosol fire extinguisher for swift fire mitigation upon detection.
  • A dedicated safety vent to prevent cell expansion inside the battery, ensuring safe gas release in case of cell damage.
  • A built-in breaker enhances the safety quotient, safeguarding the associated devices.
  • Advanced BMS capabilities featuring Auto Address Recognition, obviating the need for any dip settings – a seamless plug-and-play experience.
  • A touch-sensitive LCD screen provides real-time insights and reaffirms its efficient performance.

Why do Hanchu use Blade Lithium?

Hanchu Ess’s decision to incorporate Lithium Blade technology within their 9.4kWh lithium batteries highlights their commitment to advancing the energy storage sector, ensuring both performance and safety. Here’s a breakdown of why they use this technology, considering the factors you’ve provided:

40% Lighter Lithium:

Reducing the weight of batteries is paramount in many applications. A lighter battery can contribute to improved energy efficiency, particularly in mobile applications like electric vehicles (EVs), drones, or portable electronic devices. A 40% weight reduction without sacrificing capacity or performance can have significant implications for the overall weight of the device or vehicle, thus allowing for longer usage durations or distances covered on a single charge.

Internal Fire Suppression System:

One of the primary concerns with lithium batteries is the potential for thermal runaway, which can lead to fires or explosions. An internal fire suppression system within the battery not only reduces this risk but can also provide increased peace of mind for consumers and manufacturers. By integrating such a system, Hanchu Ess underscores their commitment to safety and ensuring their products can be trusted even under adverse conditions.

Highest Global Safety Standards for Any Lithium Battery:

Adhering to the highest global safety standards ensures that the batteries will operate reliably and safely under a wide range of conditions. This can extend the battery’s lifespan, reduce maintenance and replacement costs, and minimize potential risks to users and the environment. It also means that these batteries can be more easily adopted in various sectors, from consumer electronics to large-scale energy storage solutions.

In conclusion, by leveraging Lithium Blade technology and emphasizing both weight reduction and safety, Hanchu Ess positions itself as a leader in the battery industry. Their commitment to these principles likely reflects a broader trend towards making energy storage solutions both more efficient and safer for widespread adoption.

Online & App Monitoring

Every Hanchu 9.4kWh Blade Lithium battery comes with its own modem dongle at no extra cost. Easily connect each battery to the internet for detailed monitoring through our comprehensive online customer portal or via our advanced mobile app. Connecting each battery online guarantees continuous technical support and potential future updates from the manufacturer.

You can find out more about the Hanchu Monitoring platform by clicking HERE

Our top 5 Most asked Questions Regarding Hanchu 9.4kWh Blade Lithium Batteries

The sun’s energy has long been recognized for its abundance and potential as a sustainable energy source. With advancements in technology, we can harness this power, convert it into electricity, and store it for later use. Solar batteries play a pivotal role in this energy transformation, allowing homeowners and businesses to store solar energy and use it when the sun isn’t shining. But how do you choose the best solar battery for your needs? Here’s what you need to know:

1. Capacity

Capacity refers to the total amount of electricity a solar battery can store. It’s often measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh). When considering capacity, think about your daily electricity usage. If your household uses 30 kWh per day, you might want a battery that can store at least that much, or perhaps even more, to ensure you have sufficient backup power. Remember, capacity is cumulative, so you can increase capacity by stacking multiple batteries together.

2. Efficiency

The efficiency of a solar battery indicates how much energy can be used as a percentage of the energy that has been stored. A battery with higher efficiency will provide more energy for consumption than one with lower efficiency. Round-trip efficiency, which considers the energy lost when electricity is stored and then retrieved, is a key metric to look at. For instance, if you feed 10 kWh of electricity into a battery and get 9 kWh back, your round-trip efficiency is 90%.

3. Depth of Discharge (DoD)

Depth of Discharge (DoD) refers to the percentage of a battery’s capacity that has been used. The higher the DoD, the more you can utilize the battery before you need to recharge it. Batteries degrade with every charge and discharge cycle. A high DoD means you can use more of the battery’s capacity, but it may also affect its lifespan. Look for batteries that provide a balance between high DoD and longevity.

4. Warranty

A battery’s warranty is an assurance from the manufacturer about the product’s quality and longevity. Most solar battery manufacturers will guarantee a certain number of years or cycles at a specified retained capacity. For instance, you might be offered a 5 to 10-year warranty with the battery retaining at least 80% of its original capacity. Make sure to read and understand the warranty terms, as it can be a crucial determinant in your purchasing decision.

5. Lifespan

The lifespan of a solar battery refers to how long it can effectively store and discharge energy. A longer lifespan can translate to better value over time, as you won’t need to replace the battery as often. The lifespan is influenced by factors like the battery’s chemistry, how often it’s cycled, and its operating conditions.

6. Manufacturer

Not all solar batteries are made equal. The reputation and reliability of the manufacturer matter. Opt for a reputable brand with a track record of producing high-quality, durable products. Look for reviews, customer testimonials, and third-party certifications to ensure you’re getting a reliable product.

In Conclusion:

Investing in a solar battery can be a game-changer for those looking to maximize their solar energy utilization or have backup power during outages. By understanding and considering the factors listed above, you can make an informed decision, ensuring you get the best solar battery tailored to your energy needs. Remember, the initial cost might be high, but the long-term savings and environmental benefits make solar batteries a worthy investment.

Typically, they last from 5 to 25 years.

Solar batteries, on average, have a lifespan ranging from 5 to 25 years. Among these, lithium-ion batteries are the most common and can serve up to 15 years. The lifespan of a solar battery can be influenced by its type, how it’s installed, its depth of discharge, the number of charge cycles, the surrounding environment, and how well it’s maintained.

Hanchu Lithium batteries offer a 12-year standard warranty.

Homeowners are increasingly considering battery storage for several pivotal reasons:

  1. Pursuit of Independence: Many homeowners aspire to be self-reliant, desiring to power their homes using the electricity they generate personally.
  2. Solar-Powered Transportation: With solar power, homeowners can charge their cars even if they’re away during sunlight hours. By storing the harvested solar energy in home batteries, they can later use it to fuel their vehicles upon returning.
  3. Supporting the Grid: Home batteries help diminish the strain on the electricity grid during peak hours (typically between 16:30 and 19:30 on weekdays). This not only streamlines and reduces the cost of the UK’s electricity system but also reduces the necessity for as many fossil fuel-based power stations due to decreased peak demand.
  4. Backup During Outages: Certain battery models offer the advantage of tapping into stored energy during power outages, ensuring uninterrupted power supply.
  5. Economical Electricity Consumption: Home batteries provide the option to store cost-efficient night-time electricity, ensuring homeowners always utilize the most affordable electricity available, be it from solar panels or the grid.

If you’re presently benefiting from feed-in-tariff (FiT) payments for the electricity produced by your solar PV, adding a home battery system won’t impact these payments. While the FiT program ceased for home solar PV systems set up from 1st April 2019 onwards, households already enrolled in the scheme will continue receiving their payments for the agreed contract period (typically 20 years post-installation) even if they integrate a home battery system.

The Hanchu & Lux Power Tek home battery system simply stores electricity for later use in your home. Energy needs in a household fluctuate throughout the day, especially during times when family members are away. Often, electricity generated by solar panels during these times isn’t fully used. And when there’s no sunlight or during poor weather, your solar panels can’t produce energy, necessitating a draw from the grid. With a home battery, you have stored solar power at the ready before relying on grid electricity.

Furthermore, Hanchu Home battery systems can tap into cost-effective grid tariffs, such as those from Octopus Energy. This allows you to charge your batteries at lower rates and use the stored energy when grid prices spike.

The notion that one must purchase as many Hanchu Lithium home batteries as possible is unfounded. The Hanchu Ess battery series, when paired with Lux Power Tek Inverters & Lux Power AC controllers, is modular. This allows for a flexible approach where you can begin with just one or two batteries and monitor their performance. The Lux or Hanchu monitoring data will quickly indicate if more batteries are needed.

Should you have any uncertainties, a representative from Home Energy Group is available to analyze your data and advise on the potential benefits of adding more batteries.