Lux 6000 Hybrid & Uhome Battery Packages

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System Prices

Lux Hybrid Inverters Are A Powerful Single Unit Solution For Both Solar Inverter And Battery Storage Controller Combined

  • 2.4kWh Battery Capacity
  • 30A Charge & Discharge Rate
  • 90% DOD (Depth of Discharge)
  • Integrated Wi-Fi – Future Proof With Firmware Updates
  • Low Temperature operating performance
  • 10 Years Lux Warranty
  • 12 Years Uhome Warranty
  • Modular – 1 to 8 batteries in parallel connection
  • Octopus Ready

Take Advantage By Combining Both Solar Inverter And Battery Storage Technology In One System.

Lux Hybrid inverters are a powerful single unit solution for both solar inverter and battery storage controller combined.

The Lux Hybrid units are available single-phase solutions and are available in three different sizes – 3.6 (16A limited), 5kw – 25A and 6kw – 26A. Components required for installation and monitoring connection are provided with each unit as standard.

The Hybrid units are extremely powerful. The 6.0 Hybrid can have up to 8kw of PV panels attached although it is 26A limited. It can therefore supply up to 6.0kw of power from the solar to the load, and at the same time charge up to 4.0kw of power into the solar.

The excellent monitoring platform allows the customer to fully monitor and programme the system from smart phone, tablet using the App, or from a laptop or PC using the server. It allows for remote technical support and future manufacturer upgrades to be provided.

Battery System

The great thing about our Lux 6000 Hybrid & Aoboet Uhome 2400 lithium batteries are they are modular which means you don’t have to jump into buying big! You can simply start off with a two-battery system and increase your battery capacity later by simply adding another. By starting with a two-battery system, you will have reached the maximum charge & discharge the system can provide.

Energy Ready

The Lux 6000 Hybrid & Aoboet Uhome battery storage system is fully automatic with Octopus Energy and all there tariffs. With its high charge & discharge rates you can ensure you are always benefiting from the maximum energy you have access too.

The Lux Power Hybrid Battery Storage Overview Video

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Octopus Energy offers a range of tariffs with EV owners, solar and battery customers in mind. They’re leading the way with time of use tariffs, offering you unparalleled value and control over your energy. The right tariff for you will depend on your set up and how your household consumes energy.

Our Lux Power Battery Storage products are fully automated to work with all Octopus tariffs.

Please see some examples below.

Octopus Agile Automatic Charging

All Lux Power products can automatically detect the cheapest half-hourly Agile tariffs set by Octopus Energy and charge the batteries without any manual/daily programming. Energy providers like Octopus Energy offer cheap Off-Peak tariffs between 00:00am to 8:00am & 12:00pm to 4:00pm. By simply selecting how many half-hourly charge periods you want within these time slots the Lux will do the rest and hunt out the cheapest of the cheapest tariff rates and charge the batteries.

Octopus Outgoing Dicharging

All Lux Power products can automatically detect the highest paid half-hourly outgoing tariffs set by Octopus Energy and discharge the batteries without any manual/daily programming. By simply selecting how many half-hourly discharge periods you want and setting your discharge pay back price i.e., £0.20, the Lux will do the rest and hunt out the highest of the highest tariff rates and discharge the batteries.

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If you don’t already have a smart meter, Octopus Energy can arrange to have one installed. Please see their website for more information.

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Once Octopus Energy have received half-hourly readings from your smart meter, which takes up to 14 days, we’ll send you an email asking you to accept the Terms and Conditions of your new smart product to complete your switch. You must accept these T&Cs before your switch can be completed.

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