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AC Battery Storage system is an innovative solution for harnessing and managing solar energy in homes. This system primarily functions as a Solar PV Battery Storage, designed to efficiently store excess energy generated by solar panels.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Solar Energy Collection: The process begins with solar panels (Solar PV) capturing sunlight and converting it into electricity. This electricity is either used immediately by the household or directed towards the battery storage system.
  2. Energy Storage in Lux Power Battery: When your solar panels produce more electricity than your home needs, the excess energy is stored in the Lux Power AC Battery Storage. This battery is specifically designed for this purpose and is known as a Solar Battery or Home Solar Battery Storage. It stores energy in the form of electricity, making it readily available for future use.
  3. Energy Management with Uhome Battery System: The Uhome Battery component of the Lux Power system plays a crucial role. It intelligently manages the energy, deciding when to store electricity and when to draw from the stored reserves. This decision is based on various factors, such as the household’s energy consumption patterns, the amount of solar energy generated, and the current energy demand.
  4. Utilization of Stored Energy: When the solar panels are not generating enough power, such as during nighttime or cloudy days, the stored energy in the Lux Power AC Battery Storage is used. This ensures a continuous power supply, reducing dependence on the grid.
  5. Grid Interaction and Energy Efficiency: The system not only provides energy self-sufficiency but also interacts with the grid. When the battery is fully charged and the household’s energy demands are low, the excess energy can be fed back into the grid, potentially earning credits and reducing electricity bills.

The Lux Power AC Battery Storage system, therefore, stands out because it not only stores excess solar energy but also smartly manages the energy use, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness in home solar energy utilization. This makes it a robust solution for those looking to enhance their energy independence and contribute to a sustainable future.

System Prices

Hanchu Ess Is The Uk’s First Battery To Benefit From Blade Lithium Cells. The Highest Charge & Discharge Rates From A Single Battery With 95% Dod!

  • 9.4kWh Capacity
  • 95% DOD (Depth of Discharge)
  • Integrated Wi-Fi Future Proof With Firmware Updates
  • Low Temperature operating performance
  • Next Generation HPD High Power Density Lithium
  • 12 Years Hanchu & Lux Power Warranty
  • Modular 1 to 8 batteries in parallel connection

Hanchu Ess 9.4kWh Blade Lithium Battery, Globally Recognized As The Safest Lithium Battery On The Market

Lux Power AC, coupled with the innovative 9.4kWh Hanchu ESS Blade Lithium Battery, represents a significant advancement in home Battery Storage systems, leading to greater energy independence. This system integrates the Lux Power AC controller and the Hanchu ESS Lithium storage Batteries, which allows you to store power from your Solar PV Panels or utilize cost-effective energy tariffs from the grid when you most need it.

Moreover, the Hanchu 9.4kWh ESS Batteries are the UK’s first to use BLADE lithium cells, and because the Lux AC controller is the highest Amp controller available at 70A, you are always assured of the highest charge and discharge rates, reaching up to 3.5kWh per system. This combination of the Lux Solar Panel battery technology and Hanchu Lithium Battery innovation ensures optimal performance for your solar battery needs.

Who Are Hanchu Ess?

Hanchu Ess is an established manufacturer of renewable technologies and battery storage solutions, and their domestic and commercial battery solutions are distributed globally with a very strong market share. Because they have developed a range of batteries, Hanchu Ess is pushing the technical boundaries of performance, temperature management, monitoring, and technical support.

Although Hanchu Ess is quite recent to the UK market, they are by no means new to the battery storage industry. They entered the domestic battery storage market as later arrivals, but they have certainly raised the bar in almost all areas of performance and technological development. Specializing in providing individual unit online connectivity, Hanchu Ess brings a new dimension for installers and customers alike. So, with remote health checks for every battery, simple and immediate onsite support is available from the other end of a computer.

Battery System

Great thing about our Lux AC & Hanchu lithium batteries is that they are modular, so you don’t have to commit to a large purchase right away. You can start off with a two-battery system, and because they are modular, you can easily increase your battery capacity later by simply adding more. However, by starting with a two-battery system, you will have already reached the maximum charge and discharge capacity that the system can provide.

Energy Ready

Hanchu & Lux Power AC battery storage system is fully automatic with Octopus Energy and their tariffs, and because of its high charge & discharge rates, you can ensure that you are always benefiting from the maximum energy you have access to. However, it is important to note that the system’s efficiency is dependent on these rates, so you can be confident in its ability to optimize energy usage.

Blade Technology

The Hanchu 9.4kWh Lithium Blade battery represents a groundbreaking innovation as the first domestic storage battery to utilize Blade technology. This technology is not only pioneering but also unique, as it is the only one that meets every global safety standard. These standards are predominantly set by the automotive industry, highlighting the rigorous nature of the safety requirements.

The rigorous testing of the Hanchu 9.4kWh units has not just met but significantly surpassed the necessary standards. In the nail penetration test, for instance, a notably larger nail is used compared to standard tests. This enhanced testing approach ensures the same excellent safety results. But the thoroughness doesn’t stop there. Additional tests, including those for impact, bending, heat, and crush resistance, have all demonstrated that the Hanchu 9.4kWh Lithium Blade battery is an exceptionally safe option for domestic use.

Moreover, each unit is equipped with an innovative internal capsule. This capsule plays a crucial role in the event of critical heat detection, such as that caused by a house fire. If such a scenario occurs, the capsule is designed to explode and release a protective coating over the internal cells of the battery. This reaction is vital because it prevents any chemical reaction from initiating due to the extreme heat. As a result, the battery remains inert during the fire. While the battery will still require replacement following such an event, this feature ensures that no damaging chemical reaction takes place during the fire. This design is a testament to the commitment to safety and innovation behind the Hanchu 9.4kWh Lithium Blade battery.

Lux Power AC Retro Fit Overview

Hanchu 9.4kWh Battery Overview

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Understanding Each Battery Type

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Understanding The Lux Monitoring

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Home Energy Group Ltd Are Now Part Of The “Works With Octopus” Program

Octopus Energy provides a diverse array of tariffs designed specifically for EV owners, solar enthusiasts, and battery customers, and they are pioneering in the field with their innovative time of use tariffs. This approach offers customers exceptional value and, importantly, gives them enhanced control over their energy consumption. However, choosing the right tariff for your needs is not a one-size-fits-all decision. It is crucial to consider your specific set-up, because the most suitable tariff will vary depending on how your household utilizes energy. So, to ensure optimal compatibility and efficiency, our Lux Power Battery Storage products are meticulously engineered. These products are fully automated and seamlessly integrate with all Octopus tariffs, ensuring that you get the most out of your energy setup. To illustrate the adaptability and benefits of these combinations, please take a look at some examples provided below.

Octopus Agile Automatic Charging

Lux Power products can automatically detect the cheapest half-hourly Agile tariffs set by Octopus Energy and charge the batteries without any manual/daily programming. Energy providers like Octopus Energy offer cheap Off-Peak tariffs between 00:00am to 8:00am & 12:00pm to 4:00pm. By simply selecting how many half-hourly charge periods you want within these time slots the Lux will do the rest and hunt out the cheapest of the cheapest tariff rates and charge the batteries.

Octopus Outgoing Dicharging

Lux Power products possess an advanced capability to automatically detect the highest paid half-hourly outgoing tariffs established by Octopus Energy, and they execute this function without the need for any manual or daily programming. This process begins by the user simply selecting the desired number of half-hourly discharge periods. Following this initial step, the user sets their preferred discharge payback price, for instance, £0.20. Once these parameters are established, the Lux Power system takes over. It actively searches for the highest tariff rates within the specified periods. Because of this intelligent feature, the system ensures the discharge of the batteries occurs at the most financially beneficial times. This approach not only streamlines the process for the user but also maximizes the economic returns from the stored energy.

Switch To Octopus Energy Today

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You must be an Octopus Energy customer to join one of their smart tariffs. Switch to an interim tariff and you’ll then be moved across to your smart tariff of choice.

Smart Meter

If you don’t already have a smart meter, Octopus Energy can arrange to have one installed. Please see their website for more information.

Sign Up To Octopus Energy

Once Octopus Energy have received half-hourly readings from your smart meter, which takes up to 14 days, we’ll send you an email asking you to accept the Terms and Conditions of your new smart product to complete your switch. You must accept these T&Cs before your switch can be completed.

** Please Note Home Energy Group Cannot Change Nor Sign You Up To Octopus
Energy, This Is Something You Must Do Due To Data Protection Act 2018**

LUX POWER LXP 3600 AC Controller

The Lux Power Lxp 3600 Ac Controller Is The Most Advanced Ac Battery Storage Solution That We Have Represented. The System Allows For Flexibility Of Quantity Of Battery Packs To Be Fitted, Adding Additional Batteries Is Extremely Simple

  • 12 years warranty as standard – Can be extended to 20-year warranty
  • Allows 1 to 8 Lithium Batteries
  • Add Multiple Controllers For Greater Charge & Discharge
  • Remote Upgrading – Firmware and parameter upgrading remotely
  • Free monitoring – For Mobile & web portal (PC)
  • Advanced Weather compensation programming
  • Octopus Agile Tariff Ready
  • Octopus Outgoing Tariff Ready
  • Octopus Go Tariff Ready
  • Grid Share Incentive ready
  • Seamless automatic switch over – 0.01s
  • Integrated EPS as standard – Maximum 13A Limited
  • Smart export control on both AC & EPS output
  • Max Charge & discharge rate of 70amps
  • Lightweight – only 15Kg
  • Quiet operating noise levels – less then 25bB
  • IP65 rated
  • Home Energy Group UK technical Support

LUX Power LXP 3600 AC
Controller Key Features

Up To 20 Years Warranty

Incredible Warranty: Lux Power Controllers are equipped with a standard 12-year manufacturer’s warranty, offering reliable coverage and ensuring long-term performance. However, for those seeking even greater assurance, there is an option to extend this warranty. At an additional cost of £450 plus VAT, customers can upgrade their warranty to 20 years. This extended warranty provides a significant advantage, as it not only doubles the duration of the original warranty but also offers peace of mind. So, by investing a little more upfront, customers can safeguard their investment in Lux Power Controllers for an extended period, ensuring that their equipment is protected against potential future issues. This is particularly beneficial because it minimizes the risk of unexpected repair costs over a longer time frame, making it a prudent choice for those who prioritize long-term reliability and security in their investments.

70Amps Charge & Discharge Rates

Most controllers available in the market are limited in functionality, allowing only a maximum charge and discharge rate of 60 amps. However, our Lux Power LXP 3600 AC Controller stands out, as it permits a higher rate of 70 amps. To attain the maximum charge and discharge rate of 3Kw with standard controllers, you are required to use at least three Lithium batteries. In contrast, to achieve a similar output using our Lux Power controller, you have several options: you can either use two of our Hanchu 3.2kW batteries, or alternatively, one Hanchu 9.4kW battery. But there’s more flexibility, as you also have the option to use three Uhome 2400 lithium batteries. Because of these versatile configurations, our controller not only meets the standard 3Kw output but also exceeds it, capable of reaching up to 3.5Kw. This enhancement in performance and adaptability makes our Lux Power LXP 3600 AC Controller a superior choice for those seeking efficient energy management.

Advanced Monitoring

LXP Lux Power 3600 AC is not just a powerful device, but it also includes Free Advanced Monitoring. This feature offers a comprehensive view of your system’s performance, providing more information than you might expect. You can access this wealth of data either through a web portal or a mobile app. And because of this advanced monitoring, you gain full insight into the intricate workings of your system, so you are always informed about its status and efficiency.

Advanced Weather Compensation Programming

Lux Power range has recently been enhanced with an advanced weather compensation feature, which includes weather predictions. This innovative addition allows you, the customer, to strategically program the night-time grid charging of your Lux Power controller and batteries. The programming is based on the forecasted irradiance, or weather conditions, in your local area for the following day. This feature is meticulously designed to enable you to control and operate your battery system at its optimal level. Because of this, you can make the most out of your investment, leading to significant savings. The rationale behind this technology is straightforward: there is no need to charge your batteries from the grid at night, which incurs a cost, if tomorrow’s weather is predicted to be sunny. In such cases, you can effortlessly fill your batteries for free using solar energy. So, by utilizing the weather compensation feature, you not only enhance the efficiency of your battery system but also reduce your reliance on costly grid energy, particularly during favorable weather conditions.

For Example

High Irradiance

If the forecast indicates that tomorrow’s solar irradiance in your local area will be exceptionally high, meaning it’s expected to be a very sunny day, you have the option to adjust your energy controller accordingly. By doing this, you can set your controller to limit the charging of your batteries from the grid, such as from Octopus Go or Agile, to just 20% State of Charge (SOC). This approach is beneficial because it relies on the abundant solar energy available during a sunny day, thereby reducing your dependence on grid electricity. And, by only charging your batteries to 20% SOC from the grid, you’re not only saving on your energy bill but also contributing to a more sustainable use of resources. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this strategy is only effective if the solar irradiance is indeed high, so careful consideration of the weather forecast is crucial.

Medium Irradiance

If tomorrow’s forecast indicates that the irradiance in your local area will be at a medium level, meaning it will be a mix of sunny and cloudy conditions, then you have an interesting option for managing your energy usage. You can adjust your controller to charge your batteries to only 50% SOC (State of Charge) from the grid. This approach is particularly effective if you are utilizing specific energy tariffs such as Octopus Go or Agile. The reason behind this strategy is that, despite the presence of clouds, there will still be enough sunlight to contribute to the charging process. Therefore, by setting your controller to a 50% charge from the grid, you ensure that you’re not over-relying on grid electricity. And, because you’re utilizing a combination of solar power and grid energy, you might find this method more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Low Irradiance

If the forecast indicates that tomorrow’s solar irradiance in your vicinity will be significantly reduced, meaning that it will be a very cloudy day, then it is advisable to adjust your controller settings. This change would involve setting your controller to fully charge your batteries, reaching a 100% State of Charge (SOC), from an alternative power source. This alternative source could be the grid, specifically using energy tariffs like Octopus Go or Agile. This strategy is beneficial because it ensures that your batteries are fully charged and ready for use, despite the lack of sufficient solar energy due to the weather conditions.

We Will Allow You The Customer To Set Your Own Percentages So Your Always In Control.

Advanced Eps

The LXP 3600 AC Controller boasts a remarkable feature set, among which the enhanced EPS (Emergency Power Supply) stands out. This advanced EPS is engineered to switch over in an incredibly short time span of just 0.01 seconds in the event of a power outage. This rapid response time is crucial, especially during unexpected power cuts, ensuring minimal disruption. And, because of this swift switch-over capability, these systems are perfectly compatible with Grid Share incentive programs. These programs are designed to encourage the use of sustainable energy sources by offering financial incentives. But, it is important to note that the EPS feature of the Lux Power LXP 3600 is limited to a 13A output. This limitation means that, while it is highly efficient, it cannot power your entire fuse board. So, while the controller provides an excellent backup for essential devices and systems, it’s not a complete solution for powering an entire household or facility in the event of a power cut.

Grid Charge & Octopus Compatible

New Energy providers are revolutionizing the market by offering exceptionally affordable off-peak renewable electricity. This groundbreaking shift is made possible because of recent advancements in renewable energy technology and infrastructure. The Lux Power LXP 3600 AC, a cutting-edge energy management system, plays a pivotal role in this transformation. It can be expertly programmed to harness the benefits of these cost-effective off-peak tariffs.

Power When You Need It The Most

Our Lux Power LXP 3600 AC offers a unique advantage through its versatile time settings. Unlike other systems on the market, which only operate based on preset default parameters, our system provides you with the flexibility to control when your batteries discharge. This is crucial because it ensures that your battery power is not depleted before you return home from work. With our LXP 3600 AC, you can customize the discharge schedule to align with your specific needs. This level of customization allows you to make the most of your battery power, providing you with both convenience and efficiency. So, whether you need your batteries to discharge early in the morning or later in the day, our system gives you the freedom to choose what works best for you.

Lux Power
Monitoring & Support

Our Battery controllers come equipped with a free integrated advanced monitoring and maintenance platform. Additionally, every Lux unit includes a Lux Dongle that is seamlessly inserted into the Lux unit. This Dongle serves a crucial purpose—it facilitates the pairing of the Lux controller with the customer’s router.

The monitoring system is designed with multiple levels of functionality, ensuring comprehensive utility for customers. Not only does it offer full monitoring capabilities for customers, but it also extends its reach to remote programming. Furthermore, it provides technical updates to each unit, enhancing their performance as technology evolves.

The monitoring system encompasses various operational settings, including operating parameters, Octopus Platform for Go/Agile/Outgoing settings, charge settings, discharge settings, full background performance data, performance charts on a weekly and monthly basis, generation data summaries, remote technical support, and firmware upgrades.

The beauty of this monitoring system lies in its real-time nature. It constantly updates information every few minutes, delivering it to your phone, tablet, laptop, or PC. Additionally, all the data is meticulously recorded on the platform, allowing for in-depth daily, weekly, and monthly data analysis of your system’s performance.

So, whether you need immediate insights or long-term performance analysis, the Lux monitoring and maintenance platform has you covered, ensuring seamless operation and peace of mind.

App & Pc (Web Portal) Monitoring

The Lux monitoring system provides convenient access to your system status and data analysis through both a Downloadable App and a web Portal. The App serves as an excellent tool for giving you a quick overview of your system’s performance while you’re on the move. However, for a more in-depth understanding and detailed data analysis, the web portal is the ideal choice. It allows you to delve deeper into your system’s metrics and performance trends because it offers a comprehensive suite of features and tools. To experience the capabilities of the Lux Power Web Portal firsthand, you can access a live demo by clicking here: Lux Power Web Portal

Monitoring Installation Support

Home Energy Group offers a plethora of online videos and user guides to assist you in monitoring your energy consumption. You can easily access all of our informative resources by visiting our dedicated webpage for Monitoring Support Information. Furthermore, the best part is that the Home Energy Group App is available for free when you purchase a Lux Controller. This means you can seamlessly monitor your energy usage and make informed decisions about your energy consumption, all without any additional cost. So, take advantage of our comprehensive support materials and the complimentary App, because they are designed to empower you to take control of your energy usage effectively.

Hanchu 9.4kW Blade
Lithium Battery Information

Hanchu batteries come with a host of additional features that set them apart and make them truly exceptional when compared to other domestic battery brands available in the UK market. These features make our 9.4kW lithium battery not only unique but also far superior.

Hanchu introduces its 9.4kW Blade Lithium Technology, incorporating key transition words such as ‘and,’ ‘but,’ ‘so,’ and ‘because,’ to attain market-leading charge and discharge levels. This innovative technology is recognized as the world’s safest Lithium Battery. The Hanchu batteries exhibit remarkable resilience, with minimal performance reduction, even in comparison to other domestic home solar Lithium batteries. They maintain their full capacity even in frigid conditions, reaching down to zero degrees.

Moreover, each 9.4kW battery boasts an impressive charge rate of 100Amps and discharge rates of 100Amps. This not only enhances the efficiency of the battery but also ensures faster charge and discharge capabilities. What sets these batteries apart is the inclusion of an individual modem within each unit, granting you access to comprehensive data regarding the performance of each individual battery. This monitoring can be conveniently done through the dedicated App and Web portal, providing opportunities for future technical support and potential upgrades if necessary.

One of the key advantages of Hanchu’s use of Blade lithium technology is its ability to create a smaller battery compared to others in the market. This compact and aesthetically pleasing battery design is complemented by the inclusion of both long and short cables with every unit, offering a hassle-free ‘plug and play’ setup. In essence, Hanchu’s 9.4kW Blade Lithium Technology revolutionizes the efficiency and safety of home solar batteries.

Hanchu 9.4kW Lithium Battery
Key Features

Integrated Modem/Online Monitoring

Each Hanchu Ess Hanchu 9.4 Blade Lithium battery is equipped with its own individual modem, enabling seamless connectivity. This connectivity not only facilitates the easy linking of each battery to the internet but also opens up a world of possibilities. Because of this, users gain the advantage of precise and personalized monitoring of their batteries. Additionally, they can access technical support whenever required, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free experience. Moreover, the built-in modems pave the way for future upgrades, making the batteries adaptable to evolving needs and technologies. In essence, the inclusion of individual modems in these batteries not only enhances connectivity but also provides users with invaluable benefits in terms of monitoring, support, and adaptability.

95% Dod

Hanchu 9.4 Blade Lithium battery stands out from its competitors in the UK market. While most battery brands limit you to utilizing only 90% of the battery’s capacity, the Hanchu Ess Greenlinx 9.4 Blade Lithium battery offers a remarkable 95% DOD (Depth of Discharge). This means that you can make the most of its power capacity, allowing you to run your devices for longer periods without needing frequent recharging. This advantage sets it apart from other batteries, and because of this, it’s an excellent choice for individuals seeking extended power usage.

Uk’s Highest Charge & Discharge Rates

The Hanchu Ess Hanchu 9.4 Blade Lithium battery boasts an impressive 100A Charge & Discharge rate, making it a remarkable addition to our product lineup. This high-performance battery not only delivers exceptional power but also offers exceptional efficiency. With this battery, you can experience seamless energy management in your Lux Power Battery Storage system.

Furthermore, the Hanchu 9.4kW Lithium battery stands out because of its exceptional capabilities. It not only excels in terms of charge and discharge rates but also provides a reliable and consistent power source for your energy needs.

But what truly sets it apart is its ability to maximize the charge and discharge rates across all our Lux Power Battery Storage systems. So, when you opt for the Hanchu 9.4kW Lithium battery, you’re ensuring that your energy storage solution operates at peak efficiency, benefiting both your energy consumption and overall savings.

In summary, the Hanchu Ess Hanchu 9.4 Blade Lithium battery is a remarkable choice because of its exceptional charge and discharge rates. When you choose this battery, you’re not only investing in top-tier energy storage but also optimizing your energy management system because it’s designed to excel in all our Lux Power Battery Storage systems.

Wide Temperature Tolerance

“Unlike most Lithium batteries available on the market, our Hanchu Ess Hanchu 9.4 Blade Lithium battery stands out because it retains its full capacity even at sub-zero temperatures. Other battery brands, on the other hand, are impacted by temperature fluctuations. When the temperature hovers around 8 to 10 degrees or lower, they experience a significant drop in their charge rate. This means that our battery not only performs well in cold conditions, but it also surpasses the competition by maintaining optimal capacity, and this is a significant advantage.”


Our versatile Hanchu 9.4kW Blade Lithium battery storage systems offer flexibility in both supply and installation, accommodating anywhere from 1 to 8 batteries. Many of our valued customers initially opt for a 1 or 2 battery system due to their specific needs and budget considerations. However, our systems are designed for scalability, so as your energy requirements grow, you can seamlessly incorporate additional batteries. This is because we understand that energy needs can evolve over time, and our goal is to provide solutions that adapt to your changing demands. So, whether you’re just starting with a small setup or planning for future expansion, our battery storage systems are a reliable choice

Soc And Status Display

The Hanchu 9.4kW Blade Lithium battery stands out from most batteries for several reasons. First and foremost, it boasts a remarkable SOC (state of charge) display. This feature sets it apart because it allows you to effortlessly track the amount of power stored in the battery at any given moment. This display not only shows the current power storage, but it also provides valuable insights into the battery’s performance.

But that’s not all; the Hanchu battery has more to offer. In addition to its impressive SOC display, it delivers exceptional performance in terms of power storage and reliability. So, not only do you have the convenience of knowing your battery’s state of charge, but you can also count on it to reliably store and provide power when needed.

Because of its advanced technology and user-friendly features, the Hanchu 9.4kW Blade Lithium battery is a top choice for those seeking a dependable energy storage solution. Whether you need to power your home or business, this battery ensures that you have a clear understanding of your power reserves and the confidence that it will deliver when called upon.

12 Years Warranty

All of our Hanchu 9.4kW Blade Lithium batteries are backed by a robust manufacturer warranty that spans a total of 12 years. When you make the wise choice to invest in our battery, you receive a generous 10-year warranty right from the moment you unpack it. Moreover, the benefits extend even further because, when you purchase our battery online, you unlock an additional 2 years of warranty coverage. So, not only do you get a decade of warranty security upfront, but you also gain an extra 2 years of peace of mind, all because of your online purchase.

Hanchu Battery Monitoring

Each Hanchu 9.4kW Blade Lithium battery is equipped with an integrated modem, allowing seamless connectivity to a monitoring App. This feature not only enables remote support but also facilitates continuous upgrades throughout the lifespan of each battery. This connectivity is pivotal because it ensures real-time monitoring and troubleshooting, enhancing the overall performance and reliability of the batteries.

Key Benefits Of Individual Battery Connectivity Include:

  • 9.4k Wh Capacity
  • 95% DOD (Depth of Discharge)
  • Next Generation Blade Technology
  • Built-In Fire Protection
  • Integrated Wi-Fi Future Proof With Firmware Updates
  • Low Temperature operating performance
  • Wall Mounted or Floor standing
  • 12 Year Hanchu Warranty
  • Modular 1 to 8 batteries in parallel connection

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