Lux Power 3600 Hybrid Battery Storage With Hanchu 9.4kW

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Lux Hybrid Inverters Are A Powerful Single Unit Solution For Both Solar Inverter And Battery Storage Controller Combined

Replace Your Old Standard Inverter & Upgrade To A Powerful Hybrid Battery Storage Inverter Today.

  • 3.2kWh Battery Capacity
  • 100% Battery DOD (Depth of Discharge)
  • Lux Hybrid 80A Charge & Discharge Rate
  • Integrated Wi-Fi – Future Proof With Firmware Updates
  • Low Temperature operating performance
  • Next Generation HPD – High Power Density Lithium
  • 10 Years Warranty • Modular – 1 to 8 batteries in parallel connection
  • Works with Octopus

Take Advantage By Combining Both Solar Inverter And Battery Storage Technology In One System.

Replace Your Old Standard Inverter & Upgrade To A Powerful Hybrid Battery Storage Inverter Today.

Lux Hybrid inverters are a powerful single unit solution for both solar inverter and battery storage controller combined.

The Lux Hybrid units are available single-phase solutions and are available in three different sizes – 3.6 (16A limited), 5kw and 6kw. Components required for installation and monitoring connection are provided with each unit as standard.

The Hybrid units are extremely powerful. The 3.6 Hybrid can have up to 7kw of PV panels attached although it is 16A limited. It can therefore supply up to 3.68kw of power from the solar to the load, and at the same time charge up to 3.4kw of power into the solar.

The excellent monitoring platform allows the customer to fully monitor and programme the system from smart phone, tablet using the App, or from a laptop or PC using the server. It allows for remote technical support and future manufacturer upgrades to be provided.

Who Are Hanchu Ess?

Hanchu Ess is an established manufacturer of renewable technologies and battery storage solutions. The domestic and commercial battery solutions are distributed globally with a very strong market share. Hanchu Ess have developed a range of batteries to push the technical boundaries of performance, temperature management, monitoring, and technical support.

While Hanchu Ess are quite recent to the UK market, they are by no means new to the battery storage industry. As later arrivals to the domestic battery storage market they have certainly raised the bar in almost all areas of performance and technological development. Specialising in providing individual unit on line connectivity, they bring a new dimension for installers and customers alike. Remote health checks for every battery means simple and immediate onsite support from the other end of a computer.

Battery System

The great thing about our Lux Hybrid & Hanchu 9.4kW lithium batteries are they are modular which means you don’t have to jump into buying big! You can simply start off with a one-battery system and increase your battery capacity later by simply adding another. By starting with a one-battery system, you will have reached the maximum charge & discharge the system can provide.

Energy Ready

The Lux power units are ‘Works with Octopus’ products and have specific free Auto charge packages for Octopus Energy Agile, price import or export and the new weather compensation programme for using alongside cheap energy providers.

Blade Technology

The Hanchu 9.4kWh Lithium Blade battery is the first domestic storage battery to use Blade technology. Blade technology is the only technology which passes every global safety standard – most of which have been set by the car industry.

The level of testing for the Hanchu 9.4kWh units has significantly surpassed the necessary standards. You will see from the penetration (Nail test) that they use a significantly larger nail, giving the same excellent safety results. Further testing includes impact, bending, heat and crush, and all showed this as an extremely safe option.

Lastly each unit has an internal capsule which in the event of  critical heat detection, such as would be caused by a house fire, the capsule would explode and cover the internal cells of the battery in a protective coating which would stop any chemical reaction starting due to the heat, and allow the battery to remain inert during the fire. The battery will still need to be replaced, but no damaging chemical reaction will take place in the fire.

Lux Power Hybrid 3600 Overview

Hanchu 9.4kWh Battery Overview

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Octopus Energy offers a range of tariffs with EV owners, solar and battery customers in mind. They’re leading the way with time of use tariffs, offering you unparalleled value and control over your energy. The right tariff for you will depend on your set up and how your household consumes energy.

Our Lux Power Battery Storage products are fully automated to work with all Octopus tariffs.

Please see some examples below.

Octopus Agile Automatic Charging

All Lux Power products can automatically detect the cheapest half-hourly Agile tariffs set by Octopus Energy and charge the batteries without any manual/daily programming. Energy providers like Octopus Energy offer cheap Off-Peak tariffs between 00:00am to 8:00am & 12:00pm to 4:00pm. By simply selecting how many half-hourly charge periods you want within these time slots the Lux will do the rest and hunt out the cheapest of the cheapest tariff rates and charge the batteries.

Octopus Outgoing Dicharging

All Lux Power products can automatically detect the highest paid half-hourly outgoing tariffs set by Octopus Energy and discharge the batteries without any manual/daily programming. By simply selecting how many half-hourly discharge periods you want and setting your discharge pay back price i.e., £0.20, the Lux will do the rest and hunt out the highest of the highest tariff rates and discharge the batteries.

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You must be an Octopus Energy customer to join one of their smart tariffs. Switch to an interim tariff and you’ll then be moved across to your smart tariff of choice.

Smart Meter

If you don’t already have a smart meter, Octopus Energy can arrange to have one installed. Please see their website for more information.

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Once Octopus Energy have received half-hourly readings from your smart meter, which takes up to 14 days, we’ll send you an email asking you to accept the Terms and Conditions of your new smart product to complete your switch. You must accept these T&Cs before your switch can be completed.

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Energy, This Is Something You Must Do Due To Data Protection Act 2018**

LUX POWER LXP 3600 Hybrid Controller

Lux Hybrid Inverters Are A Powerful Single Unit Solution For Both Solar Inverter And Battery Storage Controller Combined.


The Lux Hybrid Units Are Available Single-Phase Solutions And Are Available In Three Different Sizes - 3.6 (16A Limited), 5Kw And 6Kw. Components Required For Installation And Monitoring Connection Are Provided With Each Unit As Standard.

The Hybrid Units Are Extremely Powerful. The 3.6 Hybrid Can Have Up To 7Kw Of Pv Panels Attached Although It Is 16A Limited. It Can Therefore Supply Up To 3.68Kw Of Power From The Solar To The Load, And At The Same Time Charge Up To 3.4Kw Of Power Into The Solar.

The Excellent Monitoring Platform Allows The Customer To Fully Monitor And Programme The System From Smart Phone, Tablet Using The App, Or From A Laptop Or Pc Using The Server. It Allows For Remote Technical Support And Future Manufacturer Upgrades To Be Provided.

The Lux Power Units Are ‘Works With Octopus’ Products And Have Specific Free Auto Charge Packages For Octopus Energy Agile, Price Import Or Export And The New Weather Compensation Programme For Using Alongside Cheap Energy Providers.

Lux Are Supported By Uk Technical Support By Home Energy Group Ltd.

  • 12 years warranty as standard – Can be extended to 20-year warranty
  • Allows 1 to 8 Lithium Batteries
  • Add Multiple Controllers For Greater Charge & Discharge
  • Remote Upgrading – Firmware and parameter upgrading remotely
  • Free monitoring – For Mobile & web portal (PC)
  • Advanced Weather compensation programming
  • Octopus Agile Tariff Ready
  • Octopus Outgoing Tariff Ready
  • Octopus Go Tariff Ready
  • Grid Share Incentive ready
  • Seamless automatic switch over – 0.01s
  • Integrated EPS as standard – Maximum 13A Limited
  • Smart export control on both AC & EPS output
  • Max Charge & discharge rate of 70amps
  • Lightweight – only 15Kg
  • Quite operating noise levels – less then 25bB
  • IP65 rated
  • Home Energy Group UK technical Support

LUX Power LXP 3600

Hybrid Controller Key Features

Up To 20 Years Warranty

All our Lux Power Controllers come with 12 Years manufacturer’s warranty, However at an extra charge of £450 + vat you can upgrade your warranty to 20 years giving you a piece of mind when it come to your investment

Maximum Of 66Amps Charge & Discharge Rates

Most controllers on the market only allow you a maximum of 60 amps charge & Discharge rate. You will also need to use a minimum of 3 Lithium batteries to achieve the maximum charge and discharge rate of 3Kw. Our Lux Power LXP 3600 Hybrid Controller allows you to us up to 80 amps and with just 2 of our Aobo Uhome 2400 or GreenLinx lithium batteries we can achieve up to 3.5Kw and a maximum of 3.6Kw with 3 or more batteries.

Advanced Monitoring

Our Lux Power LXP 3600 hybrid comes we Free Advanced Monitoring that gives you a full insight to your system showing more information than you can handle. This information can be viewed via a web portal or Mobile App.

Advanced Weather Compensation Programming

The Lux Power range now comes with advanced weather compensation (Weather predictions). This incredible feature allows you the customer to program your night time grid charging of your Lux power controller and batteries base on tomorrow's irradiance (Weather) in your local area. This feature is designed for you to controller and operate your battery system at its optimum level, saving you more money on your investment. "There is no need to fill your batteries from the grid in the night at a cost if tomorrow’s weather is going to be sunny and you can fill your batteries for free!"

For Example

High Irradiance

If tomorrow’s irradiance in your local area is going to be high i.e., very sunny, then you can set your controller to only charge your batteries to 20% SOC (State of Charge) from the grid i.e., Octopus Go or Agile.

Medium Irradiance

If tomorrow’s irradiance in your local area is going to be a medium level i.e., sunny, and cloudy then you can set your controller to only charge your batteries to 50% SOC (State of Charge) from the grid i.e. Octopus Go or Agile

Low Irradiance

If tomorrow’s irradiance in your local area is going to be low i.e., very Cloudy, then you can set you controller to charge your batteries to 100% SOC (State of Charge) from the grid i.e. Octopus Go or Agile.

We Will Allow You The Customer To Set Your Own Percentages So Your Always In Control.

Advanced Eps

The Lux Power LXP 3600 AC Controller has an impressive, enhanced EPS feature will switch over in 0.01s in the event of a power cut, meaning these systems can also be used with Grid Share incentive programmes – Please note the EPS is limited to 13A and cannot power your entire fuse board.

Grid Charge & Octopus Agile/Outgoing/Go Compatible

New Energy providers will now provide extremely cheap off-peak renewable electricity. The Lux Power LXP 3600 AC can be programmed to take advantage of these cheap off-peak tariffs to charge the batteries to use the energy when the tariffs are high.

Power When You Need It The Most

Our Lux Power LXP 3600 AC has three-time settings to allow you to choose when you want your batteries to discharge. All other systems on the market only allow their systems to charge & discharge to set default parameters which is no good if all your battery power is gone before you get back home from work!

Lux Power
Monitoring & Support

All Lux controllers have a free integrated advanced monitoring and maintenance platform. Each Lux unit is provided with a Lux Dongle which is inserted into the Lux unit and used to pair the Lux to the customer router.

The monitoring has multiple levels to allow not only full monitoring for the customer, as well as remote programming, but also technical updates to be delivered to each unit as technology improves.

  • Operational settings
  • Operating parameters
  • Octopus Platform for Go/Agile/Outgoing settings
  • Charge settings
  • Discharge settings
  • Full background performance data
  • Performance charts weekly and monthly
  • Generation Data summaries
  • Remote technical support
  • Firmware upgrades

Monitoring is current information which is updated every few minutes to your phone, tablet, laptop, or PC. In addition, all data is recorded on the platform to allow daily weekly and monthly data analysis of the performance of your system.

App & Pc (Web Portal) Monitoring

The Lux monitoring is accessible via a Downloadable App to your phone or web Portal. The App is very good and giving you an overview while of what your system is doing while on the move but for more information and data analysis the web portal is where it comes into its own. You can view a live demo of the Lux Power Web Portal by clicking here: Lux Power Web Portal

Monitoring Installation Support

Home Energy Group have many online videos and user guides for monitoring support. You can find all our videos and support here: Monitoring Support Information.

The App is Free with each Lux Controller.

Hanchu 9.4kW Blade
Lithium Battery Information

All Our Hanchu Lithium Batteries Have Additional Features Which Make Them Unique And Far Superior Compared To All Other Domestic Battery Brands On The Uk Market.

The Hanchu 9.4kW Lithium Battery uses the safest Lithium cell on the market, The Technology is called “Blade Lithium”.

Blade Lithium Also know as “Blade battery” is a type of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery that was manufactured for the electric vehicle market.

Hanchu Ess use High-Power Density lithium Cells (HPD Lithium) within their 3.2kW battery and Blade Lithium in their 9.4kW Battery to achieve market leading charge and discharge levels.

The Hanchu batteries have very limited performance reduction compared to all other domestic home solar Lithium batteries; they remain at full capacity down to zero degrees. In addition, each battery has superior charge rate of 100Amps and discharge rates of 100Amps which means faster charge and discharge capability. Each unit has an individual modem inbuilt which allows you access to in depth data regarding the performance of each individual battery. The monitoring of each battery via App and Web portal allows for future technical support, and future upgrades should it be needed.

Due to Hanchu using market leading Lithium cells with high charge and discharge levels, it also allows the battery to be Smaller than other batteries. This compact and sleek looking battery comes with all Long and short cables provided with every unit, just plug and play set up for the most efficient battery we have ever installed.

Lithium Battery
Key Features

Integrated Modem/Online Monitoring

Each Hanchu 9.4kW HPD Lithium battery has an individual modem inbuilt, which means simple connection of each battery to the internet allows specific monitoring, technical support and future upgrades should it be needed.

95% Dod

Unlike other battery brands available on the UK market that only allow you to use 90% of the battery’s capacity, the Hanchu 9.4kW Lithium Blade battery is 95% DOD (Depth of Discharge)

Uk’s Highest Charge & Discharge Rates

The Hanchu 9.4kW Lithium Blade battery has an impressive 100A Charge and discharge rate. This impressive 100A allows you to achieve the maximum of 3.5kW from all Lux Power Hybrid Controllers with just 1 Battery

Wide Temperature Tolerance

Unlike most Lithium batteries available on the market our Hanchu 9.4kW Blade Lithium battery will remain at full capacity down to zero degrees. All other battery brands are affected by temperature and will drop the charge rate by half when they detect around 8 to 10 degrees.


All our Hanchu 9.4kW Blade Lithium battery storage systems can be supplied and fitted with 1 to 8 batteries. Most of our customers start with either a 2 or 3 battery system and later add extra batteries if required.

Soc And Status Display

Unlike most batteries the Hanchu 9.4kW Blade Lithium battery has a very nice SOC (state of charge) display that easily indicates how much power you are currently storing at any given time in your battery.

10 Years Warranty

All our Hanchu 9.4kW Blade Lithium battery come with a standard 10 year manufacturer warranty straight out of the box, No need to register your battery online in to receive extra warranty.

Greenlinx Battery Monitoring

Each Hanchu 9.4kW Blade Lithium battery have an inbuilt modem, so each battery can be connected to monitoring App, This gives remote support and upgrades for the life of each battery.

Key Benefits Of Individual Battery Connectivity Include:

  • 9.4kWh Capacity Per Battery
  • Up to 7.0Kw Charge & Discharge
  • Up to 150.4Kw Battery Capacity
  • 95% DOD (Depth of Discharge)
  • Hanchu 10 Years Battery Warranty.
  • Modular – 1 to 8 Batteries Per Lux Controller
  • 100A Rapid Charge & Discharge
  • Blade LFP Technology
  • Low Temperature Tolerance
  • Advanced BMS & EMS Based On AI
  • Fire Protection Technology
  • Online Monitoring
  • Free Future Firmware Upgrades
  • Floor & Wall Mounted

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