Lux Power Tek Monitoring

App Based



The Lux Power App is available on both iOS and Android with easy interactive settings


Lux Power Tek are always striving to move forward with continuous development of both controllers and Monitoring applications

Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy & Lux Power Tek have developed a working relationship and through the power of API your systems monitoring will have full access to tomorrows prices.

Weather Optimization

The Lux Power range and monitoring now comes with advanced weather compensation (Weather predictions).

Register, Connect, Take Control

Control your energy usage on the go.

The Lux monitoring system offers its users the convenience of accessibility through a downloadable app available for smartphones, as well as via a comprehensive web portal. The mobile app is especially impressive, providing a concise overview of your system’s activities even when you’re on the go. However, if you’re looking to dive deeper into the specifics, seeking more detailed information or conducting a thorough data analysis, then the web portal truly shines.

To get a first-hand experience of the richness and features of the Lux Power Web Portal, we invite you to view a live demo by following this link: Lux Power Web Portal.

All Our Lux Power Controllers are fully automated with Octopus Energy

Lux Power and Octopus Energy have formed a groundbreaking collaboration that maximizes the benefits of renewable energy and innovative technology. Through Lux Power’s advanced controllers, including the AC, Hybrid, and Squirrel Pod, they are able to tap into Octopus Energy’s competitive rates, harnessing cheap nighttime energy to store in their cutting-edge batteries. This synergy ensures efficient energy use and savings for consumers. Crucially, Lux Power receives price updates from Octopus Energy a day in advance, giving them a strategic advantage. This foresight allows Lux Power to pinpoint the most economical times to charge their batteries, ensuring that users benefit from the absolute lowest energy rates. The partnership epitomizes the future of energy management, where technology and smart economics converge for an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution.

Web Portal Integration

The Lux Power Web Portal Monitoring system stands as an innovative solution for homeowners and businesses to keep track of their energy consumption and generation. With its fully interactive power movement illustrations, users can intuitively understand how energy is flowing within their premises, be it from solar panels, batteries, or to the grid. The portal provides real-time solar PV generation readings, which empower users to track the efficiency and performance of their solar panels throughout the day. Additionally, with the Battery State of Charge (SOC) status, users can instantly determine how much energy their storage systems have left, aiding in better decision-making regarding energy usage and storage. Another noteworthy feature is the house consumption readings, which show the energy being used by various appliances and systems. For a broader perspective on energy trends, the portal also offers daily, monthly, and yearly graphs, making it easier for users to spot patterns, save on energy costs, and make informed decisions about their energy consumption and generation.

App Integration

The Lux Power App revolutionizes energy monitoring by providing users with a comprehensive view of their power usage and generation. Enhanced with fully interactive power movement illustrations, it paints a vivid picture of energy flow, allowing users to grasp the dynamics easily. In real-time, users can monitor their solar PV generation, ensuring they’re harnessing optimal solar energy. Additionally, it offers insights into the Battery State of Charge (SOC) status and the home’s energy consumption. These readings are complemented by daily, monthly, and yearly graphs, offering a broader perspective on energy trends. Designed for modern convenience, the Lux Power App is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Whether you’re on the move or simply relaxing on a holiday, this app ensures you remain in control of your energy profile.

Weather Optimisation

The Lux Power range now integrates state-of-the-art weather prediction capabilities. This impressive addition empowers you, our valued customer, to schedule your overnight grid charging based on the next day’s forecasted sunlight in your vicinity. Tailor your battery system’s operation to peak efficiency, maximizing your savings. As the saying goes, “Why pay to charge your batteries overnight if tomorrow promises ample sunlight for free?”

For instance: High Sunlight Exposure

  • If the forecast indicates strong sunlight for the next day in your area, you can adjust the controller to charge just 20% of the battery capacity from the grid, using providers like Octopus Go or Agile.

Moderate Sunlight Exposure

  • On days with a mix of sun and clouds, adjust the controller to charge up to 50% of the battery’s capacity from the grid.

Limited Sunlight Exposure

  • If an overcast day looms ahead, it’s wise to set your controller to charge the batteries fully (100%) from the grid.

The charge percentages can be changed at any time and to a percentage that works for you.

In essence, anticipate tomorrow’s sun to smartly manage today’s energy consumption.

Its All Free but, yet advanced

All Lux controllers come equipped with an advanced monitoring and maintenance platform, offered at no additional cost to our customers. When you acquire a Lux unit, it is accompanied by a specialized Lux WI-FI Dongle. This dongle is designed to be effortlessly inserted into the Lux unit, establishing a seamless connection by pairing the Lux device directly to the user’s home or office router.

Understanding that Wi-Fi connectivity can sometimes be a challenge in certain environments, Lux has anticipated and addressed these concerns. For areas or situations where Wi-Fi may not be reliable, Lux provides alternative solutions. These include 4G SIM-based dongles that tap into cellular networks and Hardwired LAN dongles that provide a robust and direct wired connection.

Furthermore, in light of the recent release of the new Wi-Fi 6 routers, Lux has taken proactive measures to stay at the forefront of technology. We are proud to announce that we’ve upgraded and adapted all our Wi-Fi dongles. Now, they are fully compatible and automated to work seamlessly with the enhanced features, security protocols, and overall functionalities that Wi-Fi 6 routers introduce.