Repair Packages

To protect and maximise your renewable energy investment, Home Energy Group Ltd have developed a cost effective and reliable maintenance package for residential customers with both Solar & Battery Storage

Maintenance Packages

At Home Energy Group we can give you peace of mind for the whole feed in tariff contract term and beyond by offering a comprehensive aftercare service to ensure your solar PV & Solar Battery Storage system is operating at its optimum performance year after year, protecting your return on investment.

Annual Health System Check.

Choose Your Monthly Plan Below

Unlike other companies Home Energy Group Ltd also offer
Maintenance & Health Checks on Battery Storage Systems as well
as your Solar PV system

Monthly Fee£15£20£25
Visual inspection of all panels
Solar Inverters, ensuring fully operational
Solar Inverters, ensuring fully operational
Check cable connection
Voltage and current check
Photovoltaic module string tests
Junction box, isolator, distribution
Meter check
Labelling/schematic check
Labelling/schematic check
connections from Solar PV system to mains supply
consumables Replacement
Inverter Replacement
Battery Controller Inspection
Battery Cable Connections

Battery Voltage Test

Battery Inspection

CT Clamp Inspection

Connections to main supply

Connections to main supply

Battery Earthing Check

Please Note:

Home Energy Group Ltd. do not offer a maintenance package on a landlord leasehold scheme through third-party ownership.

Please ensure you are the owner of your solar PV.

To chat with us about our solar PV or Battery Storage maintenance package with no obligation to discuss how we can help

please call 01535 210050

or complete our contact form and one of our customer services team will contact you Terms & Conditions on our Maintenance packages can be found here