Lux Power AC 4.8Kw Battery Storage System

From £3,950.00

These are Fitted Prices – There are no hidden costs […]

These are Fitted Prices – There are no hidden costs with us.

Lux Power AC 4.8Kw AC Battery Storage with either Pylon tech or Aobo Uhome 2400 Bundle:

This Bundle Includes:

1 x Installation

1 x Lux Power AC Battery Charge Controller – 10yrs warranty (can be extended to 20yrs)

2 x Pylon Tech or Aobo Uhome 2400 Lithium Batteries – 10yrs warranty

2 x CT Clamp Set

1 x Long Power Cable Set

1 x Agile Tariff Access

Our systems work in 2 ways:

  1. The Lux Power AC controller with Pylon Tech or Aobo Uhome 2400 batteries is an intelligent energy management system that stores surplus PV energy in lithium batteries for use whenever the property demand is higher than the PV generation.


  1. New Energy providers like Octopus Energy, Bulb, EDF and more will now provide extremely cheap off peak renewable electricity. The problem is that the time the electricity is cheap varies day to day. The Lux Power AC & Lux Power Squirrel Pod are battery storage systems are designed to be manually set to charge from the grid at these cheap periods or set to automatically find the cheapest Octopus Agile prices and fast charge your batteries. This means you run your house from only the cheapest electricity.

The Lux Power AC Controller with Pylon Tech/Aobo Uhome 2400 batteries works by directing surplus solar PV generated energy to the Pylon Tech/Aobo Uhome batteries for later use, making it possible to utilise solar power independently by storing unused capacity. It converts and directs solar power to where it is needed, when it is needed.

The Lux Power AC Controller come with built in Enhanced EPS, this feature allows the end-user to use their stored energy in the event of a power outage via a double socket. This impressive enhanced EPS feature will switch over in 0.01s in the event of a power cut. ** Please note this feature not within our quoted fitted price above **

Free Advanced Monitoring:

The Lux Power AC Power monitoring can be accessed via a Web portal or Mobile App. This allows the end-user to view there system performance and also set various Charge & Discharge time settings from anywhere in the world.


Remote Maintenance & Future proofing:

The Lux Power AC prides its self not only on quality but future development and maintenance. With the monitoring in place Lux Power can access any of their hybrid inverters to perform maintenance updates without the hassle of calling out an engineer.


Product Information System Features:

The Lux Power AC3600 is a powerful Retrofit Battery storage solution used with existing solar PV installations. Single phase G98 (G100) battery storage solution with a Max Charge/Discharge of 3500w. Full online or app-based monitoring. Supports 1- 8 x 2.4 kWh Lithium Batteries. Fully programmable and available to work with Octopus Energy and other Off Peak energy providers.

The installation does not affect any existing solar system and can work with any form of generation such as string inverters, micro-inverters, or optimisers. The excellent monitoring platform allows the customer to fully monitor and programme the system. It allows for remote technical support and future manufacturer upgrades to be provided.

Warranty: Both the Lux controller and Aoboet/Pylon Tech battery come with 10 years warranty. The Lux controller can be extended to 20 years at an additional cost.

High Charge & Discharge Rates: The LUX AC has a 70amp charge & discharge rate, all other controllers on the market are 60amps or below.

Increase Your charge & Discharge rates: The Lux Ac Controller is the only controller on the UK market where you can parallel two or more units together while still using a single battery bank. Each AC controller will give 3.5Kw charge & Discharge of power but if you were to add a second controller you can now achieve up to 7Kw! – That’s bigger than Tesla. Every time you add another controller you can add another 3.5Kw of Charge & Discharge. You can find more information on this feature here:

Advanced Monitoring: – All our Lux Power controllers come with Free Advanced Monitoring that gives you a full insight to your system showing the information and data that you require. This information can be viewed via a web portal or Mobile App – ** Please note this is not real time monitoring, this monitoring is designed to give you an overview of your systems performance**

Advanced Octopus Agile Automatic Charging: – Night-time charge – from midnight to 6am. Choose how many charge periods you want, and your system will automatically be set to charge for that number of periods during only the cheapest prices. Day Charge – from 12 noon to 4 pm. This will allow you to ‘top-up’ your batteries ready to get through the more expensive On Peak periods.

Advanced Half-Hourly Price Point Charging: – Some energy providers offer periods where energy prices vary every half-hour, We can now set the Lux controllers to charge should the tariff price drop below a certain price tariff rate.

Expandable Battery Capacity: – All our Lux Power battery storage systems can be supplied and fitted with 1 to 8 batteries. Most of our customers start with either a 2 or 3 battery system and later add extra batteries if required.

Future Proof – Simple to program: – if you know the times when cheap energy is available from the grid simply enter a start time and a finish time and the Lux will automatically charge the batteries from the grid between these time set periods.

Octopus Agile Charging: – from midnight to 8am. Choose how many charge periods you want, and your system will automatically be set to charge for that number of periods during only the cheapest prices. Day Charge – from 12 noon to 4 pm. This will allow you to ‘top-up’ your batteries ready to get through the more expensive On Peak periods.

Blocking Discharge: – you can also set periods where the batteries can charge but will not discharge. For example, block discharging from midnight to 4am and your batteries will charge using only the cheapest rates but will not discharge. So, you can set all heavy usage items – washing machines, dish washers, EV charging etc. to also run at night without emptying your batteries. Using this function, you can ensure your batteries are 100% charged ready to cover your house load from the moment you wake up.

Remote Monitoring & Upgrading: – All our Lux Power battery systems have an individual modem inbuilt on both the controller & battery, which means simple connection of each controller & battery to the internet allows specific monitoring, technical support and future upgrades should it be needed

Fast Charge & Discharge Rates: – Most Lithium batteries available on the market require a minimum of 3 batteries to achieve the maximum charge and discharge rate of 3Kw! With just 2 of our Uhome 2400 lithium batteries we can achieve up to 3.5Kw and a maximum of 3.6Kw with 3 or more batteries! No other battery can achieve this.

Key Features:

  • Modular – 1 to 8  Pylon Tech/Uhome 2400 Lithium Batteries
  • Octopus Agile ready
  • Octopus Grid Sharing Ready
  • Price Point Charging
  • Remote Upgrading – On both Controller & Battery
  • Fast Charge & Discharge
  • Real time monitoring
  • Battery WIFI Integrated
  • Seamless automatic switch over – 0.01s
  • Wide Temperature Tolerance – Maximum charge rate at 0 degrees
  • Smart export control on both AC & EPS output
  • Low & High Voltage Battery
  • Max Charge & discharge rate of 70amps
  • Integrated DC Isolator
  • Lux 10 years warranty
  • Aobo Uhome 10 years warranty
  • Lightweight – only 15Kg
  • Quite operating noise levels – less then 25bB
  • IP65 rated
  • UK technical Support when purchased by Home Energy Group

Personal Extras:

  • EPS – Emergency Power Supply Double Socket – £30.00 + vat – Installation of a double socket that will be live in the event of a Power cut
  • Battery Floor Stacking Brackets To Suit 2 Batteries – £80.00 + Vat
  • Battery Cabinet for 1 to 6 batteries – £395.00 + Vat
  • Lux Power Controller 20 Year warranty extension – £450 + Vat